All In the Details


I have always been a creative person. I have an average talent in many different arts rather than a focused talent in one particular field. Sometimes I’m inspired to write, sometimes to do photography, and for a short while I dabbled in drawing. My sketchbooks have been calling to me from under my bed, where I keep supplies for arts I’m not currently in the midst of a project with, and I decided to pull out my sketches and see what happened.

I realized there is a trend that crosses into all of my art.


In photography, I lean towards macro where I focus in on one detail of a larger subject. In poetry, I take one emotion or one piece of a situation and try to describe just how it feels to experience it. In drawing, I take one piece of a bigger picture to sketch in detail, such as drawing the eyes and nose versus the entire face.

A disclaimer: these drawings did not come from my imagination; however, it lends to this trend that I’m also inspired by art focused on details.

You can have 20 people looking at one plant, and if you instruct them to look closely, at the details, all 20 of them could be looking at something different.┬áIsn’t that amazing? Instead of looking at this plant that maybe they see every day at work or in class, they begin to see the veins running through the plant, nourishing it. They see the tiny fungi growing from the soil or the new growth sprouting from the base of a stem. Attention to detail can turn a mundane houseplant into a vibrant, lively being.

There is a lifetime full of details surrounding us every day, but most of the time we don’t even see a fraction of them.

If you start to look a little closer, you never know what you might see.