Before She Flies

I decided to set myself a goal:

Do something creative every day.

For me, that includes writing, photography, sometimes drawing, and sometimes crafting. So, you might get a little more than just photography at times.

This is one of those times.

she had to fall.jpg

I found this free pack of cherry blossom elements on (does this sound like a sponsorship? It’s not) and I wanted to make something with it for my mantle piece (I have a board I can attach 4 different prints to), so I wrote up a little poem to go with it.

An early morning venture over coffee, after I’ve straightened up and before I work out (don’t let me fool you, this is not an every day occurrence). My own little motivational speech to myself. I am a baby bird still trying to find her wings and figure out how they work, and that’s ok. I might forget how to use them a few (or a lot of) times in my life when I fall again. As long as I keep going, keep trying, and keep flying.

Life, uh, finds a way (I really like Jurassic Park, ok).


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